The Many Faces of Management Accounting

Management accounting is a vital subfield which provides information to management employees in a company. It allows managers to make important, informed business decisions on a daily basis while maintaining said information confidentially. By using management information systems combined with a company

Making It Through a Long Unemployment Period

To some, losing a job may be a blessing. However; for the majority of us, it can be a nightmare. The sudden change in the daily routine and the lack of receiving a paycheck places an enormous amount of stress on a person. Robert London, M.D., staff psychiatrist at New York University’s Langone Medical Center stated,

Gathering References That Make You Shine

The references you use to get a job are more vital than you think. Many times, applicants just throw a bunch of names together not truly thinking of their importance. Human resource staff across the country all agree that references that rave about your skill and work performance are the ones that are highly regarded. It

5 Ways to Ensure Mediocrity in Your Organization

By Liz Ryan
Provided By BusinessWeek

The recession is no excuse for ignoring, misusing, or demeaning talent. But hey, if that’s what you really want to do, follow these suggestions.

The last time I checked, the U.S. led the world in productivity per employee. That’s the good news. The bad news is that much, if not all, of that boost in productivity has come on the backs of workers, especially salaried types viewed by too many management teams as infinitely elastic resources. As one management consultant told me: “The average company takes better care of its copiers than it does its talent.”

Many chief executives use the tough competitive environment as a handy excuse to put off salary increases, tighten the screws on performance, and generally drop any pretense of creating a human-centered workplace. But the tough-economy picture has two sides. Only those companies that make the effort to keep their employees productive by treating them decently can expect to see continued productivity gains. Much of the workforce has tuned out, waiting for a more welcoming job market to make career moves. Those organizations that haven’t wavered on their commitments to flexibility, recognition of talent, and transparent leadership will keep A-list players on board as the job market improves. Their competitors may be wishing they’d paid a little more attention to employee TLC as employees start peeling off for greener pastures.

Here are five of the most insulting leadership practices, the ones that virtually guarantee a business will end up with the most self-esteem challenged, optionless team members when the dust settles.

1. If you desire a mediocre workforce, make sure your employees know you don’t trust them.

Nothing spells “You’re dirt to us” like a corporate culture that screams, “We don’t trust you as far as we can throw you.” I refer to company policies that require employees to clock in and out for lunch or software that tracks every keystroke and change of URL in case a molecule of nonwork-related activity squeaks into the workday. When employees know they’re not trusted, they become experts at “presenteeism”

Top 9 Skills Required to Achieve Success in a Technical Career

Recent studies have shown that the majority of technical professional participants involved that have achieved success in their field, have 9 significant skills that helped them climb the career ladder. These key factors combined with their technical know-how and savvy differentiate them from the masses. The professionals that were studied all did very well for themselves- maintaining positions of authority and performing on higher levels proving their competency. It

Recognizing a Top Notch Accountant

Every employer knows the importance of retaining an accountant, but are they experienced or familiar enough with the accounting profession to recognize a top notch professional? Normally, the answer to this no. Potential employers usually go with the basic requirements or credentials in the areas of need they require. This inexperience in recognizing a truly skilled accountant could be disastrous for a business. Accounting is more than keeping track of the finances, development of financial statements, and tax preparations. They are a companies business advisor that have the ability to budget, project cash flow, and assist in securing business finances. These transactions are things you don

Networking Your Way Into a Job

Anyone involved with job seeking knows the importance of networking. We are very fortunate today to have the technological capabilities to reach out and spread our virtual finger tips over the social networking sites that are out there. If this is done right, you may just link yourself up with a job faster than you ever thought.


IT Jobs and Salary Trends

Many IT professionals may be in for a disappointment this year when it comes to raises. Robert Half Technology projects an average decrease in pay of approximately 1.3% across the job market as a whole. However, if you have a secondary specialization in areas such as security, media, global business expansion, or network administration; you may just be in a better position if the predicted trends are correct.

The IT security field is the place to be in 2010. It is advised to obtain security-related certification as it continually increases in pay and value with new government security requirements. Corporations dividing operational security and strategic risk management tasks is also a huge driving force behind the growth of the field. Starting salary ranges for an information systems security manager are between $96,000 and $130,000.

Web Developers and Application Developers are becoming more in demand as companies try to improve their product

Hiring the Best Person to Fit Your Accounting Needs

Locating and hiring the best accountant for your needs is a task that can prove to be more difficult than believed. In the vast world of finance and accounting, there are numerous candidates with various qualifications to fill positions that business owners require worldwide. It is vital to know what your business needs are in order to hire the best accountant. Furthermore, the relationship that is established between business owner and accountant can be the making or breaking of any successful business. wishes to assist their clientele the best way they can, and fully believe these suggestions can aid you in hiring the best person to fit your accounting needs.

  • Do thorough background checks on possible candidates- this includes any recommendations or referrals from associates and friends. Word of mouth references can often times lead to a successful business relationship. Remember, the information that is shared with your accountant is confidential and very personal. Therefore, a certain bond of trust needs to be present or established and hiring someone who is less than trustworthy isn

The Green Act of 2009 Still Thriving in 2010

The increase demand for solar and wind powered products in homes, businesses, and else where have made these green career fields boom. The professional job pool for skilled, experienced employees is at an all time low leaving many positions unfilled. However, there has been some relief for business that have been functioning under-staffed. The Green Act of 2009 is allowing folks to receive the education and training in career areas where the growth is only in the beginning stages.

The Green Act of 2009 was passed as a part of the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009. A part of this act offers home owners and businesses a tax break if they have installed solar and wind powered equipment and materials on their properties. These tax credits are to be experienced over a course of years, not just in a one time shot. This option/tax break has influenced many property owners to invest in green energy.

With the increased demand for services/products, the demand for skilled professionals increases as well. Educational institutions now offer more programs concentrated on green career fields. With the promising future job market outlook for positions in clean energy and such, students are enrolling in these programs hoping to fill the gap where the need is at it

Gain Experience Through an Environmental Internship

For anyone looking to obtain experience in a green career, consider participating in an environmental internship to build up your resume. Environmental internships prove to be helpful for students still enrolled in college to the seasoned worker looking to transition to a different career. Many careers in the green field require experts with degrees in chemistry, engineering, biology, and other related disciplines. Adding experience obtained in an internship greatly improves your chances of landing a job.

By participating in an environmental internship, you increase your chances of getting hired through the company for which you completed your placement. Many businesses believe that since they are the ones that introduced and educated you further in their industry, they should be the ones to hire you when your internship is completed. It is a great opportunity to show management a true depiction of your skill level and professional expertise.

Green industry areas where you could find possible internships include air quality, clean technology-(wind, solar, and thermal energy jobs), wildlife preservation, and nature conservation. The renewable energy industry is thriving and you can find many opportunities where internships lead to an actual position upon completion. This is the best time to lay the track work to creating a working network and build invaluable experience in an area that is sure to grow with time. also recommends attending any green energy training course. There are many government grants from which participants can attend at little to no fee. If your interest in the renewable energy field is serious, it

Forecast on Employer Trends

With a little more than a month left in the first quarter, employers are anticipated to make several moves involving employment trends. Taking into consideration our chaotic economy, companies are now looking to take matters into their own hands. They long to make up ground that was lost in the recession, and create situations that will work for them once again. believes the following employer trends are a great insight for future company developments.

1. Rehire Workers That Were Laid-off.
The majority of companies experienced some form of down-sizing through lay-offs last year. Out of the companies involved in lay-offs, 32% will begin re-hiring employees throughout the year.

2. Replacing Lower-Performing Employees
Many employees have taken on jobs that are beneath their skill level in order to continue working, or simply to get to back to work. It may please many employees to know that many companies are going to now recognize those folks and promote them to higher positions that could utilize their expertise. 37% of employers stated they would begin to take advantage of the large numbers of top talent in their labor pool and strengthen their workforce before going outside to look for talent.

3. Utilizing Social Media
Many companies experienced a negative impact for the decisions they had to make during the recession- and in turn for their brand/product. In order to turn this around, these companies plan to place an emphasis on the social media market. They plan to utilize folks already under their employ as well as hire to take on the responsibility of social media practices.

4. Flexible Work Arrangements
It may please some of you to learn that many companies are in tuned with their employee

Creating A Candidate Rejection Letter

Many employers state they simply do not have the time to construct a rejection letter for potential candidates that they have interviewed. This form of communication is just as vital as the recruiting and interviewing process itself, however, many employers dismiss the ever begrudging rejection letter all together. The question that many potential candidates wish to ask is why? All they wish for is a simple response- post-interview- as to their standing in the running for the position. They are not asking for a full-out 5 paragraph response, but a few simple sentences to inform them of their status.

In defense for employers everywhere, the amount of time it takes to develop and send rejection letters is ridiculous- especially if the candidate response was high. However, to maintain respect and company reputation, time must be set aside for this final process of an interview. Below you will find some suggestions that wishes to extend to all employers who forego the simple process of rejection letters.

  • Set aside time to develop a basic template or form to use as your typical rejection letter. It should simply state the outcome of the interview in as little terms as possible. Some companies list reasons such as under-qualified, not enough experience, and even that they

Alternate Energy Careers in Research and Development Growing in Numbers

The way governments worldwide are now facing the ever increasing need to go green, careers in the alternate energies research and development sector are increasing by the day. Investors and financial analysts foresee much money to be made, with many positions that need to be filled. These positions are presently available and can be found nation wide and even globally. So if you, or someone you know, is looking for employment or a simple career change, now would be the time to begin your quest.

Former President Bush and now our current President Obama have both stated the need and budgeted for the advancement and increased technologies that are needed to develop the ability to make ethanol from plant fibers’ biomass as a renewable fuel. The development of biofuels derived from agricultural by-products like wood chips, corn stalks, and switch grass have scientists predicting that by 2012, the technology to create cellulose-based ethanol will be cost effective while simultaneously lowering our nation

8 Solar Careers on the Rise

The green energy job market can expect to see continued improvements throughout the year. One area where employment is going to increase in demand is the solar industry. Those with experience in any area of green energy can easily retool their current knowledge base and expand their search for employment. Below you will find some examples of solar careers that are expected to increase in demand.

Solar & PV Installer- If you have the skills to install electricity-producing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into the roofs of residential, commercial homes, and buildings, the job market is yours to command. Skilled professionals are hard to find, and the job pool isn

6 New Interviewing Questions: Out with the Old, In With the New

As times change, so do the needs of a company. Ordinarily, the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process stays relatively the same with time. However, with the job market becoming more competitive with skilled professionals around every corner, and businesses looking to hire the best for the money, they are ensuring they cover all their bases and asking the right questions during the interview.

Many employment experts and H.R. professionals recommend getting rid of the old clich

4 Entry-Level Jobs That Bring Home The Bucks

For newly graduated candidates, finding a position that offers you more than decent pay is unheard of. However, they do exist and are in demand now more than ever. Below you will find four career areas where the starting pay is rather generous in nature, and get you on your path to career success.

Environmental engineer
The U.S. Department of Labor states that folks with a bachelor

5 Ways To Improve Your Professional Standing Through The Economic Recovery

There are many career advancement opportunities for folks to seize upon as our economy bounces back. Now is the time to take the steps that can improve your professional standings at work. Below you will find some suggestions that feel can be beneficial to you.

1. Participate in trainings.

Many companies offer various training sessions that can either keep processes fresh in your mind, add additional skills to your already skill set, and/or update you on new and upcoming methods in your industry. The majority of training sessions businesses offer are free of charge and are offered regularly. If there is something that is of interest to you that isn

Twitter: A Necessary Tool In Job Seeking

Now more than ever, social networking is taking a forefront in the ever grueling process of finding a job. Twitter, alone has increased in use by 8% from last year. And even more interesting is the number of companies that currently engage in the use of social networking to find qualified candidates. 90% of businesses who are in need of manpower use some form of social-media activity.

Twitter is quickly becoming a great avenue for job seekers to keep informed, establish a reputable online presence, and simply network. As more and more companies research candidates online, your reputation means the world. Twitter provides job seekers the opportunity to

Job Trends For The Second Half 2010

Career Builder and USA Today have released their findings of their nationwide Job Forecast survey results of employers. It looks that the second half of 2010 is going to be similar to the first half. Hiring is to be moderate and consistent through the remainder of the year. 2,534 HR reps and hiring managers responded to the survey with 42% of them not planning to hire at all, 41% planning to continue hiring, and a small 16% still unsure of their standings.

Positions in Accounting and Finance ranked 6 at 10% of the 41% of employers that intended to hire. Competition for these positions will be tough and rough going for those with minimal to no experience. It

7 Suggestions to Creating a Resume That Will Get Recognized Electronically

Now a day, resumes aren’t first viewed by the secretary of the hiring manager or the HR rep. In all actuality, they may not even be viewed by a person at all. Many businesses today are now using different forms of technology to screen the hundreds and thousands of resumes they receive daily. What they intend to achieve with this procedure is to shuffle out any candidates who do not meet the requirements that the company or job requires. Here’s the choker; you may be fully qualified for the position you sent your resume in for. But because you didn’t have keywords on your resume that the computer program recognizes, you lose out on any possibility for an interview.

Below you will find 7 tips that we feel could aid you in getting the recognition your resume deserves.

1. Know what key words to use. HR reps and hiring managers will utilize applicant-tracking systems/programs where certain keywords will be searched for. It’s best to look at the job posting itself, and try to use the same or similar language you see there. Use words that are most prevalent to the job, but keep you shining like a competent professional.

2. Use different styles of a key word. Some tracking programs focus on particular words and how often they are used- in every sense. So if you’re applying for an accounting position, try using accounting, accountant, and other variations of the word.

3. Be wise with your key words. Some electronic resumes allow for particular sections to hold key words. Yes- it will get you resume recognized more quickly than others. However, if and when an actual person reads it, they may toss it in the slush pile because it doesn’t read well.

4. Ensure you list a generic job title. By doing this, it allows for the tracking programs to fit the title to the job. By listing business analyst instead of process improvement specialist, the program will be more familiar with the generic listing than the actual one

5. Use at least nine key words. Any less than that and you may find your resume passed over. Any more than that and you’re going overboard. It’s good to list your skills this way, and can paint you in a competent picture a reader can value.

6. Be sure you use the right format if asked to paste your resume in a website text box. By saving you resume as a plain-text file, it ensures proper formatting takes place when pasting, and makes your resume readable and professional.

7. Obvious, but needed… follow directions. Check over the site your submitting your resume to and be sure you follow all their criteria.

Becky has been writing as a non-biased professional for providing the latest news and information that pertains to the finance and accounting employment world. The creators feel that her inexperience ensures that all her pieces are vastly researched and informative. They provide the reader with a full understanding of the content, without compromising the professionalism.

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5 Stupid Mistakes Job Applicants Make

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IT Infrastructure Manager (Network Manager)

IT Infrastructure Manager (Network Manager)
Troy, MI
100,000 – 120,000 plus

Apply For This Job

IT Infrastructure Manager (Network Manager ) FULL Benefits + 401k Program – Stellar benefit program (FULL) OUR TOP CLIENT: Healthy, Tier 1 Global Manufacture: that supplies to one of the largest customer list in town!! From Ford to Chrysler, BMW to Mercedes, and Honda to VW. With U.S. Headquarters located in Michigan, they looking for someone to manage/lead a dynamic Advanced IT Team. Be part of a corporation that has multiple operations. RESPONSIBLIITES: (Partial list)

Sample Page

This is an example page. It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this:

Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like pi

National Sales Director, Aftermarket

National Sales Director, Aftermarket
Los Angeles, CA
125,000 – 150,000 plus
aftermarket sales DIR

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Technical degree would be ideal, not required. Some form of automotive engine components would be required. General Position Summary This position directs, administers, and coordinates the activities of the organization with consultation of the Sr. Coordinator to achieve corporate objectives and to ensure market competitiveness and organizational excellence by performing the following duties.

Essential Job Functions Strategic Management

  1. Provides management and supervision over an aftermarket sales entity in the US.
  2. Responsible for maximizing revenue and effectively managing costs, labor and cash control.
  3. Formulates sales goals that correspond to budgets and meet corporate goals.
  4. Develops and executes strategic plans and programs, both short and long range, to support sales and revenue objectives of the Company.
  5. Reviews and monitors expenditures to ensure that they conform to budget limitations.
  6. Prepares monthly operational and sales reports for corporate officers by obtaining and compiling various data.
  7. Confers with corporate officers to discuss performance and operational aspects of the business unit.

Operations Management

  1. Ensures that all policies and procedures are developed and that business plan strategies, time lines, goals, etc. are monitored and followed.
  2. Coordinates procurement, distribution, warehousing, and sales in accordance with policies, principles, and procedures established by the Company.
  3. Develops operations policies, procedures and standards related to quality control, cost and budget controls, data retention, etc.
  4. Delegates and advises departmental managers regarding the company