Systems Engineer, Audio DSP

Location: Texas

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Required Skills:

- BSEE degree with 5+ years of experience in audio DSP firmware development.

- Strong experience of fixed-point C programming for DSP is desired.

- Hands on experience of audio DSP software integration with Qualcomm Hexagon DSP platform, Nvidia Tegra platform, or Intel platform.

- Hands on experience of using DSP SDK, preferably the latest Qualcomm Hexagon SDK.

- Strong audio DSP and digital filter design background.

- Experience of audio DSP algorithm development, implementation (Matlab, C and DSP assembly), and testing.

- Proficient in Matlab and Simulink.

- Understanding of real-time embedded DSP operating system.

- Understanding of Android/Linux.

- General lab experience on amplifier and mixed-signal audio circuits.

- Interpret test results and suggest performance improvement recommendations.

- Must be a self-starter and highly motivated.

- Excellent communication and presentation skills required, both written & verbal.

Skills recognized as a plus:

- Experience of analog and digital circuit debug.

- Hands on experience of Audio Precision.

- Familiar with acoustic testing environment.

- Familiar with smart phone or tablet audio software subsystem.

- Understanding of technical details of various transducers and the associated applications.

- Direct customer engagement in product development and production ramp.

- Understanding of ARM application processor and programming.

- Experience of audio DSP algorithm porting between different cores and platforms.

The Candidate
5+ to 7 years of experience
Management Experience Required – No
Minimum Education – Bachelor’s Degree

Willingness to Travel – Occasionally

must have fixed point C programming
5+ yrs audio DSP firmware exp
Qualcomm Hexagon DSP platform exp a huge plus
strong MatLab, C+ and DSP assembly language skills

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