Job Trends For The Second Half 2010

Career Builder and USA Today have released their findings of their nationwide Job Forecast survey results of employers. It looks that the second half of 2010 is going to be similar to the first half. Hiring is to be moderate and consistent through the remainder of the year. 2,534 HR reps and hiring managers responded to the survey with 42% of them not planning to hire at all, 41% planning to continue hiring, and a small 16% still unsure of their standings.

Positions in Accounting and Finance ranked 6 at 10% of the 41% of employers that intended to hire. Competition for these positions will be tough and rough going for those with minimal to no experience. It’s not saying that there aren’t jobs out there for new graduates- but you may be doing some grunt work until you have some time under your belt. recommends looking over these recruitment trends/company concerns that were brought to light by the survey.

* A staggering 56% of companies-or hiring managers surveyed- are concerned with their most skilled professionals leaving for other employment as the economy improves.

* There appears to be a lack of applicants that are skilled to fill positions. Even with the job pool so large, qualified professionals make up a small percentage of that.

* Company hiring is more prominent than company firing/lay-offs. Of the companies that were surveyed, 21% will hire full-time permanent employees, only 8% plan to downsize, and 65% will make no changes what-so-ever.

* Hiring trends are similar throughout the country with the Northeastern and Midwestern areas hiring full-time staff at 21%, the Western states at 22%, and the Southern states at 20%.

* 42% of employers say they will not make any salary changes, while 31% intend to increase salary by 1-3%, 12% intend to increase salary 4-10%, and only 1% intends to increase salary 11% or more.