Traditional Resume Objectives: It’s Time To Make Change

You’ve probably read all the useful tips that have you believing your resume is as polished as it can be. You have useful keywords that will have any computer program recognize you for your skills, tweaked it specific for employers, and ensured your credentials and accomplishments took a forefront. You even took large amounts of time creating the best objective fitting to the type of job you want and where you want your career to go. Well, it’s to make yet another change to your ever living resume. The objective is rapidly becoming obsolete to may employers as they look to your actual skill set instead of your long term aim.

It seems employers wish to see the results from your accomplishments and not just what you wish to accomplish. They want to know the steps or practices you engage in that helped make your accomplishments successful, and/or how you can utilize those strategies in their company dynamic. Traditional resume objectives are often too generic or overlook a candidate’s true potential. Replacing it with a statement that’s true to your character, potential, and abilities is the key to grabbing an employers eye.

The first step in creating your new objective is to throw away terms like “resourceful”, “tons of potential”, “fast learner”, “dedicated, and so on… They are just words or phrases that explain nothing to hiring managers and employers. You need to be able to quantify and elaborate on why you believe those things to be true. Illustrate to them how your competency potential has unfolded at previous positions. It’s time to really get to know yourself and your potential- to be able to describe your skill set to prospective employers so they can understand it and find use of your abilities in their business.

One way to create a great objective statement is to assess yourself in the way many companies would do so when looking to identify competency potential. Those assessments are very accurate and will provide you with measures of your natural abilities in the workplace. This will assist you in creating an objective where your past accomplishments are clearly recognizable with little left to explain on how you achieved them.

If you still don’t know where to begin, sites like or have assessment tools for you to use at no cost. At, you can find competency and motivation assessments that recruiters utilize for potential candidates if you wish to go a step further. understands the time folks commit to ensuring their chances of getting employment. This is yet another step that may get you one step closer to employment.