Twitter: A Necessary Tool In Job Seeking

Now more than ever, social networking is taking a forefront in the ever grueling process of finding a job. Twitter, alone has increased in use by 8% from last year. And even more interesting is the number of companies that currently engage in the use of social networking to find qualified candidates. 90% of businesses who are in need of manpower use some form of social-media activity.

Twitter is quickly becoming a great avenue for job seekers to keep informed, establish a reputable online presence, and simply network. As more and more companies research candidates online, your reputation means the world. Twitter provides job seekers the opportunity to “clean up” their act and establish a true depiction of their character. By utilizing Twitter and other traditional methods to find a job, your chances of employment increase greatly. wishes to extend some words of wisdom to help you along in your Twitter journey and employment seeking.

1. Set up your account with Twitter. It literally takes only a few seconds. Be sure the user name you create is professional and respectful. Another important aspect of creating an account is developing a personal bio. This is where you let the world know who you are and what makes you a skilled professional. It is important to list any career goals you have in this bio.

2. Once you create an account, you need to decide who you wish to add to your main page and what categories to browse that are most beneficial to you. Twitter also offers to search your email address book for folks who are already members of Twitter. Independent searches can also be done where you can follow prominent professionals in your industry and/or company news/publications. You may find it interesting to see whom they follow and read through their tweets. Many times you can find interesting company news that you can use in your cover letter or resume.

3. Jump in feet first. Find a tweet you find interesting and resourceful and participate in the conversation. If you’re not comfortable with replying in the beginning, you can simply forward the tweet to folks that follow you or you’re familiar with. The key is to get dialogue started and yourself known.

4. Increase your followers and develop a pristine professional reputation. There are several ways to do this. One way is to share links that are of interest to you or your fellow followers. You can share recent updates in your industry, and/or tweet links to job openings. You also want to be sure to show you have a sense of humor and intelligence. Tweets that are insightful, interesting, and show you have human warmth get the most notoriety. Showing both your personal and professional side to a potential employer is a great way to get into the company. Remember: this is not the time to let your followers and the world know that you got loaded last night and are hung on the couch watching re-runs. Keep all tweets professional.

5. Make your Twitter account user friendly by managing it with programs like TweetDeck and HootSuite. These two programs are free and allow for a fuller-featured dashboard. They help you with things like shortening URL’s. Since these programs are free, try them both and see which is best for you.

6. Keep active online. Considering starting a blog about your industry–even if it has information about the hobbies you engage in as well. This gives you the opportunity to tweet about it while still maintaining your online reputation.