8 Solar Careers on the Rise

The green energy job market can expect to see continued improvements throughout the year. One area where employment is going to increase in demand is the solar industry. Those with experience in any area of green energy can easily retool their current knowledge base and expand their search for employment. Below you will find some examples of solar careers that are expected to increase in demand.

Solar & PV Installer- If you have the skills to install electricity-producing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into the roofs of residential, commercial homes, and buildings, the job market is yours to command. Skilled professionals are hard to find, and the job pool isn’t close to reaching the gap of the demand.

Solar Lab Technician- Employment will increase in this research and development industry. Companies are looking to hire professionals with skills in design, production, testing, and installation of new solar energy technologies.

Solar Operations Engineer- These engineers are responsible for designing new solar systems, the supervision and inspection of structures during construction, and the testing and monitoring of new/old solar energy facilities. They are essentially the architects of the entire facility operation.

Photovoltaic-PV Fabrication Testing Technician- These professionals are responsible to test and assemble solar cells into electricity-generating solar panels. With the increase of homes and commercial buildings looking to invest in solar energy, so does the need to find skilled professionals with the knowledge to get the job done.

Solar Hot Water Installer- Folks nationwide are purchasing more solar heating systems to harness the sun’s power. The technology involved increases/improves continually as does the need for solar hot water installers. The demand for professionals is across the board for commercial, domestic, and industrial industries.

Solar Radiant Heating Installer- With solar radiant heating systems being the most effective method of using solar energy, the industry is booming. Employment continues to increase worldwide for solar radiant heating installers.

Photovoltaic-PV Solar Designer- PV solar designers are in demand more as homes/businesses wish to ensure their PV solar systems are esthetically pleasing to the world. Training is relatively easy to obtain and worth considering to expand your chances of getting a job.

Alternativepowercareers.com encourages folks to increase their knowledge base when it comes to solar energy careers. Most companies are willing to train due to the low numbers of professionals with experience.