Broad Hiring Trends For 2010

For those of us looking for full time employment, twenty percent of employers state they intend to increase their full time, permanent staff this year. This is an improvement from last year’s fourteen percent. Sixty-one percent say they do not intend to make any changes what-so-ever this year, while only nine percent say they intend to down-size.

As for part time employment, eleven percent of employers say they are looking to increase their part time staff this year. This is a slight increase from the nine percent we experienced last year. Eight percent intend to decrease part time staff, while six-nine percent state they are not going to make any changes this year.

If you’re interested in the hiring trends per region, employers in the West intend to increase their staff numbers more so than any other region this year. Twenty-four percent of employers state they plan to hire on full time employees throughout the year. Twenty-one percent of employers in the Northeast are also looking to increase their staff, as twenty percent in the South and sixteen percent in the Midwest look to follow suit as well. As for decreases in manpower, the Northeast will lead the way with approximately ten percent of employers looking to trim their workforce.

When inquiring about industry trends, the industry leaders who intend to increase their workforce are in the information technology, financial services, professional and business services, manufacturing, and sales fields. A thirty-two percent increase is expected for the IT field, a twenty-three percent increase for financial services fields, and twenty-two percent of employers intend to hire full time staff in the professional and business fields.

At this point, it looks like one third of employers are looking to increase their workforce numbers in the area of technology, with eighteen percent looking to increase their staff numbers in research and development. Even with economic concerns still taking precedence in business spending, they still plan to increase their workforce this year. Some are even expected to increase salaries this year as well. suggests you consider using these job trends to assist you in your job search