Clean Energy Jobs That Hold Promise

It’s obvious that the green energy industry is booming. More people are buying into the green movement than ever before. For professionals in the clean energy field, jobs are increasing in demand leaving them with the pick of employment. With high job demands and the low number of professionals to fill them, it is a wise career area to get involved in. has found 4 career areas that will have the highest demand for jobs.

1. Smart Grid Engineer- This profession is relatively new to the job market. There is great potential for employment for those who are experienced or have the right credentials. The pay is relatively high with a wide-berth for growth.

2. Hydrogen Plant Operator- Plants that specialize in hydrogen use as a cleaner burning fuel source for vehicles are looking to increase their work force. With hydrogen being a renewable resource with little to no shortage capabilities once effectively separated, plants nationwide see it’s usefulness as a means to the energy crisis. Professionals skilled in plant operations are increasing by the day.

3. Energy Auditor- Energy auditors are becoming more popular as folks look to make their homes more energy efficient. The simple tasks these professionals provide impact both the environment and the folk’s pockets they work for. Numerous companies, both corporate and private, employ energy auditors as clean energy professionals on their payrolls.

4. Green IT- Green IT professionals are increasing in need as companies look to reduce the energy used by their computer networks. The ability to put together computing systems and initiate strategies to reduce energy consumption is what many companies are looking for in their new hires.