The Green Act of 2009 Still Thriving in 2010

The increase demand for solar and wind powered products in homes, businesses, and else where have made these green career fields boom. The professional job pool for skilled, experienced employees is at an all time low leaving many positions unfilled. However, there has been some relief for business that have been functioning under-staffed. The Green Act of 2009 is allowing folks to receive the education and training in career areas where the growth is only in the beginning stages.

The Green Act of 2009 was passed as a part of the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009. A part of this act offers home owners and businesses a tax break if they have installed solar and wind powered equipment and materials on their properties. These tax credits are to be experienced over a course of years, not just in a one time shot. This option/tax break has influenced many property owners to invest in green energy.

With the increased demand for services/products, the demand for skilled professionals increases as well. Educational institutions now offer more programs concentrated on green career fields. With the promising future job market outlook for positions in clean energy and such, students are enrolling in these programs hoping to fill the gap where the need is at it’s greatest. The events of increased demands for jobs and educational programs are a direct result of The Green Act Of 2009.

Training/education is becoming more available to the masses than ever before. Many companies are offering further training to candidates who have some experience in a career field that is relatively close to the position they need filled. The act was also intended to increase employment opportunities and has proved to be successful as it ran into the new year. It’s continued success is still evident as 2010 plays out. encourages it’s readers to take advantage of the opportunities that The Green Act of 2009 encompasses. Skilled professionals are in demand and the government is offering a chance to become one of the few green energy professionals to lead the way.