IT Jobs and Salary Trends

Many IT professionals may be in for a disappointment this year when it comes to raises. Robert Half Technology projects an average decrease in pay of approximately 1.3% across the job market as a whole. However, if you have a secondary specialization in areas such as security, media, global business expansion, or network administration; you may just be in a better position if the predicted trends are correct.

The IT security field is the place to be in 2010. It is advised to obtain security-related certification as it continually increases in pay and value with new government security requirements. Corporations dividing operational security and strategic risk management tasks is also a huge driving force behind the growth of the field. Starting salary ranges for an information systems security manager are between $96,000 and $130,000.

Web Developers and Application Developers are becoming more in demand as companies try to improve their product’s image through social media and interactive web sites. Professionals fluent in Java, Soap, SQL, Sybase Adaptive Server, and Microsoft Commerce Server are the most sought after. For senior web developers starting salary begins at $78,000 and can reach up to $109,000 this year. If your looking for a position as a support tech or help desk professional, expect a salary range of $28,000 to $39,000.

Another profession trend on the rise is Cloud Computing- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Software as a Sevice (SaaS). This area of expertise in network administration is the most in-demand skill set for 2010. Expect to see salary ranging between $54,000 and $80,000.

Professionals who have the global capability to consolidate Enterprise Resource Planning systems in different countries are predicted to increase in demand for the year. SAP Supplier Relationship Management, SAP Supply Chain Management and SAP Strategic Enterprise Management are three SAP specialties that are predicted to soar this year. While the integration of IT professionals into marketing teams and brand development is another job trend to consider. encourages all IT professionals out there to consider having a secondary specialty in order to increase their chances of a top salaried job for 2010. It’s not enough to have just a degree in computer sciences anymore. Consider branching out to hot areas such as bioinformatics (the application of computer science to the realm of molecular biology), and location-based services for cell phones (finding the closest pizza place to your current location). Any and all additional certifiations will have you earning top dollar this year.