Recognizing a Top Notch Accountant

Every employer knows the importance of retaining an accountant, but are they experienced or familiar enough with the accounting profession to recognize a top notch professional? Normally, the answer to this no. Potential employers usually go with the basic requirements or credentials in the areas of need they require. This inexperience in recognizing a truly skilled accountant could be disastrous for a business. Accounting is more than keeping track of the finances, development of financial statements, and tax preparations. They are a companies business advisor that have the ability to budget, project cash flow, and assist in securing business finances. These transactions are things you don’t want to leave in the hands of the feeble minded. Incompetence is not acceptable where your business is concerned.

Here are some character traits to look for in a top notch accountant that feels are important.

1. Your accountant graduated from an accredited college, and passed the required testing to become a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state your business is located.
2. They have additional specialized skills that could be utilized in your company.
3. They are familiar with the type of accounting you require for your business to be successful, and are experienced in your industry.
4. Your CPA belongs to a professional organization(s) that insist upon maintaining a certain professional code of ethics that are regularly reviewed for quality.
5. Your CPA firm has attorneys and other professionals on retainer for advice and services.
6. Your CPA participates in professional development and trainings that keep them up to date in the ever changing finance and accounting world.
7. Your CPA is familiar with banking processes and the institutions themselves thus making it easier to secure funding if needed.
8. Past and current clients of your CPA provide outstanding reviews/references of their job performance.
9. Your CPA will need minimal- if any- supervision to get the job done.
10. Your CPA initiates and seeks out business transactions that are beneficial to your company. (They also watch out for trends and downfalls)

Hiring a top notch accountant for your business will require a salary befitted for a skilled, experience professional. With them, you can relax knowing that your finances are in good hands.