Seeing to Your Company’s Success Through Employee Happiness – Part 1

Your employee’s work performance and happiness mean the difference between your company’s success and your company’s failure. They matter- they really do. They are what keep you one step ahead of competitors and should be treated the same as you would any customer/client- with their needs in mind. Many experts believe that if you’re not nurturing them, encouraging, and praising them for the work they accomplish for you, they will ultimately seek employment elsewhere where their needs are met. And if they have established relationships with customers/clients, they too will leave you for greener pastures.

G. Sujansky, founder and CEO of KEYGroup states, “Many leaders don’t realize that the rules of business have changed almost overnight. The old paradigm says that your primary focus should be on keeping your customer happy. The new paradigm says the employee has taken over that spot. Keep her engaged and she’ll keep your customers happy. Neglect her needs and she won’t be so concerned about keeping her end of the bargain. In the end, not only will she go elsewhere, your customers may follow suit.” Being a business owner, manager, or HR rep, the last thing you want is for an increase in turn-overs to begin. This will inevitably affect the overall outcome of productivity and moral throughout the organization. An unhappy worker is one who cares little for what the customer/client wants.

Instead of wasting time and money on recruiting, interviewing, and training, your resources will be most beneficial if you aim them at the employees you already have on your payroll. has listed some suggestions that may prove to be helpful in your plight to keep employees engaged, productive, and still working for you.

Tip #1: Paint a true representation of your company at the get go. Don’t mislead a potential hire into thinking the culture of your company is something different than what it really it is. If an employee gets hired thinking one thing about the company, only to learn a few weeks later that you have misled them, they will resent you and thus look for different employment. They may very well be the best and the brightest of candidates from which you chose from, but by misrepresenting yourself and the company to them before they agreed to take on the job was wrong and you’ll pay the consequences for it. Honesty is always the best policy, especially when employees can see though a lie within the first weeks of employment.

Tip #2: Keep your employees actively engaged and productive through challenging assignments and opportunities that provide growth and development. If budgeting allows, offer to reimburse tuition for classes outside their degree, or offer professional developments that can lead to promotions down the line. Bored employees who become stagnant in their jobs produce far less than those who get a glimpse at other areas of the company through educational enhancements.

Tip #3: Ensure your company is truly one that represents multi- cultural diversities including race, gender, religion, age, lifestyle, education, personality, socio-economic backgrounds, and such. The culture of your company will be one that is truly rounded and provide for the best of knowledge bases anywhere. Creating a diverse workforce will improve overall productivity, problem solving, and be more stimulating for all involved. Your employees will grow to respect your openness and ability to allow differing ideas flow freely- the trick is to utilize the diverse workforce to your advantage.

Tip #4: Assist and offer your employees help with balancing their work and life outside the job. Many companies today offer daycare in building, or even allow employees to job share. Other times employees are working at home tele-commuting work they have accomplished. Something as simple as flexible scheduling will make a mom or dad happy for not missing their child’s soccer game or play. These easy accommodations will keep employees happy and satisfied with their employment station and will appreciate you more.