Ten Characteristics To Look For In a Software Engineer

You won’t find many companies out there that don’t require some sort of technical assistance. Software is utilized more than it’s not, and a skilled software engineer is essential to keep things running smoothly in any business. For instance, quality code can be viewed as a competitive differentiator that is a definite necessity. And with companies in constant software competition, software engineers are increasing in demand.

Sometimes it’s hard to spot a truly skilled software engineer that would complement your company and create quality software. Techcareerdirect.com wishes to share some important key characteristics to look for when hiring a software engineer. The future of your business depends on it.

1. Be Able To Write Code- Not all software engineers write code. However, at some point in time it may become a necessity and your company would benefit if they had that skill.
2. Takes The Initiative- They are able to identify a problem-(input, output, processes), and are able to form solutions without direction or supervision.
3. Continuously Re-factors Code- Codes sometime need to be altered in some form or manner. A good software engineer is able to rework programs to suit the needs of the company. This is especially present in the prototyping phase of any software created.
4. Able To Create Design Patterns- A good software engineer is able to draw up charts, diagrams, and such to depict or describe functions to be written out.
5. Writes Tests- Look for a software engineer that is able to test boundary values and invalid data. Modular testing is an asset in that each test can validate each function separately, often by writing a test program that simply calls to this one function.
6. Leverages Existing Code- Is able to take pre-existing code and tweak it to function in a more proficient way.
7. Ensures Usability- Any software developed is functional and reliable to both company employees and business processes.
8. Completes Maintenance- Your software engineer should be able to fix errors, add new features, make changes to faster algorithms, etc.
9. Can Code in Any Language- Not a necessity, but very helpful in certain businesses.
10. Knows Basic Computer Science- Speaks for itself.