Top 9 Skills Required to Achieve Success in a Technical Career

Recent studies have shown that the majority of technical professional participants involved that have achieved success in their field, have 9 significant skills that helped them climb the career ladder. These key factors combined with their technical know-how and savvy differentiate them from the masses. The professionals that were studied all did very well for themselves- maintaining positions of authority and performing on higher levels proving their competency. It’s important for any job seeker or employed professional to encompass these qualities if they wish to succeed in a field that is highly competitive. believes that the following skills could prove to be of some assistance to anyone looking to experience career success.

1. Cognitive ability- This skill is a combination of using personal knowledge and identifying patterns, problems, and solutions to then form and execute plans of action that will benefit your team or company as a whole. The ability to tackle a task and deliver the final results understanding what is being asked of you is a true asset.

2. Perception- Seeing the whole picture and taking the correct steps to achieve a goal is what separates success from failure. In other words, are you a person who sees the glass half full, half empty, or a simple drink to quench your thirst? Perception does vary from person to person; it’s using your perception to reach your goals that counts.

3. Taking initiative- Anytime an employee initiates and takes responsibility above and beyond their job description, they are surely to be recognized for their effort. Seeking out and grasping technical opportunities that can lead to acknowledging your true potential is a positive career move.

4. Networking- Building and maintaining your professional network looks promising to any company. These branches of your professional tree allow you to remain current on new technology as well as what’s happening in other companies. It is the opportunity to continue your education in an unofficial way, and allows for you solve problems that arise that much faster and simpler. Many doors open for you when you tap into your networking force.

5. Teamwork- Your ability to work with peers is the most important skill to have to achieve success. It is impossible to do the work of 10 men, however, if you can delegate, brainstorm, create interdependencies, share knowledge, be capable of participating in dialogue and dissension, and such- you have the makings of a good leader and will experience success.

6. Leadership- These skills include knowledge, communication, a willingness to hear others out, negotiation, inter-personal skills, mentoring, and so on. They are vital if you wish to achieve success in a technical career- or any career for that matter.

7. Organizational savvy- Being organized in all aspects of the job show what a true professional you are. Planning or pre-planning for future projects and knowing when and how tasks are to be completed, and then having everything done when it’s suppose to be is a great skill to have and required to climb any professional ladder.

8. Followership- All great leaders know and understand that sometimes they need to be the follower on certain projects. It’s important to be able to share that role at times when situations arise where your not as versed as well as someone else.

9. Communication- Your ability to communicate through oral and written presentations and conversations is essential. Being in a technical career does not allow you to simply write in code and expect all others to understand. Expression and clarification of work is what will have you finding success.