7 Factors To Consider Before Leaving a Job

Before you jump on a job offer for another employer, you should look over all the factors of your current employment before making any final decisions. Many times, folks who do this realize their job isn’t as bad as they thought it was. The grass isn’t always greener, so be sure before you make the move.

Listed below are some factors Financejobz.com suggests you consider.

  • The Pay: Make a comparison of what you’re making now to what the new position offers. Be sure to include any possible bonuses and/or perks that each job includes as well.
  • Location: Will your job be located in the roughest part of the city with smoke stacks for a view, or is it located near a public park perfect for lunch and walking? How long is the commute to each, and which job would use less gas and time? Do you need to relocate?
  • Coworkers: It’s hard to get a feel of possible coworkers until you’ve actually worked with them, but consider the folks you work with now. Is the team you work with currently supportive and make your job easier, or are they a difficult bunch with a bad work ethic?
  • Benefits: Compare the benefits packages offered at each job. This includes health, 401(K) plans, vacation and sick time, and tuition reimbursement. If your current benefits are outstanding, is it worth jumping ship to a job with poor benefits?
  • The economy: With the way the economy has been, job security just isn’t there. If in your current position, you hold a relatively safe position, you may want to consider sticking with it until the economy improves more.
  • Dress code: Will you have to change what you wear to work if you take a new position with another employer, or will you be comfortable with toting power suits instead of professional casual?
  • The boss: How’s your relationship with your current boss? Do you get on decently or are they a tyrant? It’s hard to find a good boss, and if you can share a beer with them after a long day, then think twice before jumping ship to someone else.