10 Old Resume Phrases That Need Replacing

Since resumes are the window to your professional side, it’s best to be innovative while expressing your true skill level. Years past, it was acceptable for resumes to behold phrases like excellent team player, strong work ethic, and seeking a challenging opportunity. But they just aren’t enough anymore they’re outdated and simply to broad. It’s up to you make the changes on your resume and paint yourself in alight that is flattering.

Here you will find ten old phrases that Financejobz.com suggests you re place with hipper, more expressive ones that reflect your true accomplishments.

1. “Excellent team player”- Replace each outdated phrase with new, more informative information, “At Blah Blah company, I created and participated in a peer group which helped develop many of the company’s policy and procedure regulations.”

2. “Savvy business professional”- “As a PR specialist, I obtained free company exposure through local television news stations by holding a fund raiser in honor of a local at-risk youth organization.” This shows exceptional business savvy- getting the company exposure, and painting the company in a decent light caring for the youth in the community.

3. “Results-oriented professional”- “I love to discover solutions to the most impossible of job related problems.”

4. “Bottom-line Orientation” – “My accounting/auditing skills saved the company over $4M with thin the first two years.”

5. “Strong work ethic” – “I taught myself how to use the program Excel to further my marketability.”

6. “Superior communication skills” – “I conveyed and provided examples for the need of further training in the accounting department.”

7. “Exceptional organizational skills” – “I developed a new procedure and schedule when completing daily reports.”

8. “Exceeds expectations” – “Was invited to participate in an executive strategy conference during my first few years of the company.”

9. “Strong presentation skill” – “Current employer hired me after hearing me present at a conference.”

10. “Seeking a challenging opportunity” – “I’m looking for a position in a company looking to excel and surpass rival companies.”