Exposing Career Myths and Their Falseness

We’ve all heard of the many do’s and don’ts when looking for a new job. What we don’t know is that many of them aren’t true and have been used and proven to be effective. Tony Beshara, employment recruiter and president of Babich & Associates, and the author of “The Job Search Solution” and “Acing the Interview has busted many of these so called myths and proves some of them to be beneficial. He states, “I bust career myths because folks are misled by them.” Below you will find some of the more popular myths that he knows to be untrue. Financejobz.com wishes to share his beliefs with you in hope that they help you in your job hunt.

1. The myth that you cannot land a job if you don’t have experience is as false as they come. Beshara says, “We all start somewhere. The key is to start somewhere. It may not be where you think you deserve after spending all that money and time on an education, but if you have to start sweeping floors, start there. More doors are opened from the inside than from the outside.” As many of us know, businesses and corporations nationwide recruit students straight out of school in entry level positions- not always in the profession they were educated in, and many employers fill vacancies from within their business. In other words, it’s beneficial to get yourself a position in the company where you ultimately want to use your professional skills, even if it is the desired position you want right away.

2. Another myth Beshara busted has to do with salary and how employees place great emphasis on it. He again proves this to not always be the case. He says, “If that were true, we’d all rob banks.” Of course money and salary mean a great deal, but if it were the end all of any job, there’d be several more positions open in companies than there are now. Most employees place job security and satisfaction over salary- especially in a rocky economy such as ours is.

3. As our seasoned workers are experiencing more so of late, lay-offs and down-sizing are forcing them into career changes. Many feel they are too old for a career change, and truth be told- it’s never too late. Beshara states, “If you have the energy and the attitude, it’s never too late.” “Recareering” at any stage of life can be scary and stressful. However, with the economic situation in which we live in this day of age, it’s common practice to come across a person in their 50’s and older just starting a new career.

4. It is believed that a skilled employee is able to multitask and turn out exceptional work. Truth be told, it is the least efficient way to get the job done. Your concentration is split and thus all your energy and focus aren’t on the particular job. It drains brain power and wills how up in your work.

5. The final myth buster has to do with working independently and being unable to get the job done without supervision. “There may be a few workers who need to be ‘pushed’ by someone else to get a job done. But most workers do their best without any coercion,” states Beshara. In reality, work performance declines when closely supervised, micromanaging has a negative impact on employee’s productivity, communication, and goal attainment.