Networking Steps That Show Results

The mere thought of getting out there and going face-to-face with folks that can potentially lead to a job is overwhelming for some of us. This, unfortunately, is more common than not, and it’s a huge factor in the job search that shouldn’t be skipped. It’s time to battle the phobias and grab the bull by the horns- get out there and actively sell yourself to the people that will help you in the end. Networking productively in all settings- informal or organized- is what will get those that matter to know your name.

Networking is often times ineffective when there is no follow-thru and a person is ill-prepared. believes these simple tips below are worth their weight in gold if you wish to make a lasting impression when networking.

Always Be Prepared
Opportunities knock at the darnedest times, and because you looking for a job, they’ll pop up when you least expect them. Be sure you have business cards on hand with up-to-date information such as phone number, email address, and any professional website page or social networking site profile address. Know what you’re looking for in a job and show confidence in yourself and your abilities. In simple terms… polish your image.

Know Your Personal Sales Pitch
When caught in a fortunate situation where you’re face-to-face with a potential employer, you better be sure you know how to sell yourself to the point where it simply rolls off your tongue and makes you shine like polished silver. You know what you’re capable of and know what you can bring to the table- now deliver it with confidence and ease that will impress the most obstinate of employers. “Practice makes perfect” isn’t just a rambling old coaches and teachers liked to repeat; it actually has weight- so do it.

Attend Functions Directly Related To Your Industry
The best place you’re going to find contacts within your field is at functions that cater to your profession. Target your networking energies at conferences, professional developments, and even college courses where there is the greatest potential for professionals who are already in positions of power in your field to make an appearance. Most of these professionals are used to and expect to be approached by potential hires and attend such events for this simple purpose- recruiting.

Bragging Isn’t Always Bad
If you don’t do it, no one will for you- so toot your own horn. A conversation that revolves around the “I” factor can be done in a way as to not make the other party want to strangle you and think you’re self absorbed. Throw in your abilities and/or accomplishments while listening to what the other person is saying. Pushing your resume is not always the best way to go- developing a relationship at the very basic level by asking to learn more about their company may be a better means to getting what you want- a job.

This is where most folks drop the ball. They went out there, did the proverbial handshaking, butt kissing, and schmoozing; then fails to take the final step in making the phone call, sending an e-mail, or asking for an additional meeting. This lets the person know that your appreciate them taking the time, are interested in possible employment, and creates a better relationship with them. Employers look for enthusiasm and initiative in potential hires- don’t take the back seat on this one.