When a Raise Is Out of The Question

If you’re sick and tired of hearing about and dealing with the effects of our poor economy, then you’ll hate it more when your company has to hold raises back in order to keep operating. Many of us failed to see raises last year, and this year isn’t looking any better. But you still have a job, and that’s all that matters. Right? Even if there are improvements to your company’s bottom line, the fear is still present and many businesses are still holding back when it comes to providing their well deserved employees with their yearly raise. So what’s a person to do? Financejobz.com has found some creative ways to getting around the no yearly raise and still show some improvements in your life.

Many employees have found that even though a raise would benefit their lifestyles immensely, there are other perks that can be negotiated that impact your life and your bottom line. Improved health care insurance, additional training, flexible scheduling, extra vacation days, sabbaticals, and telecommuting are just some to name a few. Retirement and health insurances are harder to negotiate for, but the others that are listed are obtainable.

Suggestions To Help You Get What You Want

1. Be honest with your employer. If an increase in pay is something of great importance and need to you, then tell them so. If an increase in pay is totally out of the question, then ask for other perks that will supplement the lack of pay raise.

2. Be realistic and use common sense. Many positions wont allow you to telecommute- so don’t bother to ask. However, if your position allows you to complete your work anywhere, then place it on the table. You can also suggest additional training if they have froze tuition reimbursement- it still gives you the opportunity to acquire more knowledge in your profession. And if you can offer them a very good reason why they should cover tuition for you, then use that as well- just be prepared to be shot down.

3. When you need something, don’t wait to ask- no matter what it is. By sitting on what you need, whether it is time off or further career development, the issue becomes more stressful with the longer you wait to tell your boss. Further more, if you wait too long, your request may not be feasible at that point.