Business Unit Manager

Commercial Sales Business Unit Manager

Location: Auburn Hills, MI

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base salary $100 – $125 k plus bonus eligibility and car allowance

General Position Summary

This position directs, administers, and coordinates the activities of the organization with consultation of the Sr. Coordinator to achieve corporate objectives and to ensure market competitiveness and organizational excellence by performing the following

Essential Job Functions Strategic Management
1 Provides management and supervision over an OEM sales entity in all of our company territory.
2 Responsible for maximizing revenue and effectively managing costs, labor and cash control.
3 Formulates sales goals that correspond to budgets and meet corporate goals.
4 Develops and executes strategic plans and programs, both short and long range, to support sales and revenue objectives of the Company.
5 Reviews and monitors expenditures to ensure that they conform to budget limitations.
6 Prepares monthly operational and sales reports for corporate officers by obtaining and compiling various data.
7 Confers with corporate officers to discuss performance and operational aspects of the business unit.

Operations Management
1 Ensures that all policies and procedures are developed and that business plan strategies, time lines, goals, etc. are monitored and followed.
2 Coordinates Sales and Engineering in accordance with policies, principles, and procedures established by the Company.
3 Develops operations policies, procedures and standards related to quality control, cost and budget controls, data retention, etc.
4 Delegates and advises departmental managers regarding the company’s corporate philosophy and business practices.
5 Presents to corporate officers matters requiring decisions regarding operational activities.
6 Maintains and/or approves the office lease/contracts, equipment, materials and supplies in accordance with the company policy.
7 Responsible for implementing and insuring compliance for all applicable company regulations required for Risk Reduction and acceptable international accounting practices

OEM COMMERCIAL Sales and Marketing Management (Main priority)
1 Develops and implements strategic sales plans to accommodate corporate profit and volume goals.
2 Directs sales forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly.
3 Reviews market analyses to determine customer needs, price, schedules, and discount rates.
4 Meets with customers, maintaining relationships, negotiating, continuing deals and getting new business.
5 Identify required relationships in customer base and build on them in customer’s all department that our company needs by continuing to listen and deliver recognized value to the customers
6 Identify and lead tactics to win target jobs in each market
7 Monitors and evaluates the activities and products of the competition.
8 Determines customer viability and potential for new business.
9 Reviews and analyzes periodic sales reports showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed client base expansion, and past due accounts reports.
10 Directs collection activities regarding delinquent accounts.
11 Directs and/or handles investigation and resolution of customer problems.
12 Develops all advertising and sales promotional material including pricing.
13 Responsible for implementing and maintaining all sales agreements with customers.
14 Manage delivery status.
15 Manages, negotiates and selects transportation companies for incoming and outgoing inventory.
16 Manages, negotiates and selects packing materials for delivery to customer.
17 Communicate with other internal department is included group company to advance salese activity.
18 Supoport acctivity by other internal department is included group company to achieve company goals.
19 Main contact person as Sales to customers in our company terittory.

Engineering Management
1 Establishs and maintains budget for Engineering, Product Development and Research in all of our company territory.
2 Directs and guides engineering, program management and sales group in all of our company territory towards successful accomplishment of goals by developing and executing strategy for growth and increased business.
3 Identify required relationships in customer base and build on them in customer’s all Engineering by continuing to listen and deliver recognized value to the customers
4 Coordinates transfer of product and process technology from Japan to our company terittory.
5 Identify market needs in our company terittory and how client fills those needs.
6 Grows, educates and builds a happy and motivated engineering team with understood roles as needed in our compant terittory.
7 Main contact person as Engineering to customers in our company terittory.

Management & Supervisory
1 Monitors and reviews employees’ work activities through individual, departmental and group meetings to ensure that all activities are proceeding smoothly as planned.
2 Motivates, develops and mentors employees for improved job performance.
3 Monitors the team’s performance to ensure that the team stays on schedule and meets their performance expectations; provides feedback to staff.
4 Responsible for all of the team’s assigned duties and acts as backup in case a staff member is absent or as necessary.
5 Controls and approves employee time off schedules and overtime work.
6 Conducts hiring interviews, performance reviews, and disciplinary meetings and makes departmental personnel decision through consultation with the Sr. Coordinator.
7 Analyzes and controls expenditures of the department to conform to budgetary requirements.
8 Designs, implements and prepares instructions regarding the operational policies and procedures for the department; manages and monitors them to meet company requirements.
9 Follows company policies and procedures regarding management duties.

Other & Miscellaneous
1 Seeks constant improvement, more efficient and less expensive ways and means in work processes.
2 Performs special projects and other miscellaneous duties as assigned by senior management.
3 Maintains high ethical standards in the work place.
4 Reports all irregular issues and problems to supervisors for solution.
5 Maintains good communication with supervisors, other staff members and outside contacts.
6 Achieves positive relationships with customers, visitors, and all levels of company staff; treats others with respects and courtesy.
7 Complies with all company policies and procedures.
8 Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe working area. Job Dimensions (skills, knowledge & abilities)

Essential Job Skills
1 Leadership – Makes and communicates difficult decisions to coordinate and unify groups of people to achieve a desired business objective.
2 Employee Development – Provides ongoing guidance and positive reinforcement to improve employee performance. Understands the strengths and weaknesses of employees of employees and fosters their development and learning by focusing on individual developmen
3 Supervisory & Delegation – Provides performance goals, gives timely and accurate feedback, delegates work when appropriate, appraise performance fairly and frequently, monitor work and handle problems.
4 Interpersonal Skills – Gets along with internal and external personnel, customers and others while getting the job done. Interpersonal skills include everything from communication and listening skills to attitude and deportment.
5 Multi-culture(Japanese, Latin, American) Understanding- Recognizes and can work effecftively within the international nature of our stock holders,management, suppliers, employees, and customers.
6 Ethics and Integrity – Treats others fairly and with respect; takes responsibility for own work, including problems and issues; identifies ethical dilemmas and conflict of interest situations and takes action to avoid and prevent them.
7 Workforce Management – Delegates tasks according to ability; provides feedback on performance; helps staff define clear objectives; delegates enough work; delegates authority; encourages independence; sets clear deadlines.
8 Risk Management – Is willing to take a chance; assesses the comfort level of participants, group, and stakeholders before decision is made; creates options with levels of risk identified.
9 Business Acumen – Knows how businesses work; knowledgeable in current and possible future policies, practices, trends, development in business and information affecting the client organization and the Company; is aware of how strategies and tactics work
10 Strategic Planning – Conceives and presents business plans which include contingencies, options, budgets, goals and measurement metrics, aimed at achieving a complex and important business outcome.

Qualifications Education & Work Experience
Bachelor’s Degree (B.A./B.S.) ( Technical /Engineering degree is highly preferred) in any related area or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have at least ten years of previous experience in the automotive OEM parts supplier market calling on the Big three.

Three to Five years of supervisory management experience would be ideal.

Tools/Equipment General office equipment including phones, fax, copier, scanner, personal computer, etc.

Software includes the use of Windows operating system and MS Office applications. Mobile communications equipment including laptop computer, cellular phone, etc. Certificates / Licenses Driver’s License Supervisory Responsibilities Yes. Supervises supervisory and non-exempt level employees. Work Environment & Physical Demands Work Environment The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential job functions of this position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform Work is performed in an office environment with quiet to moderate noise levels.