Senior Strategic Planning Analyst

Sr. Strategic Planning Analyst

Location: Troy, MI

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Strategic Planning Analyst:

Someone who is very green (data driven)

Market exposure & conditions – light vehicle, automotive – could include multiple regions

Market analysis – look at data (sources of info), analyze and provide recommendations (when looking at specific segment to target or looking at our competition), engage with internal and external customers

Competition – attract who has what and make recommendations (suggest that specific industry may be saturated with competitors, going to be difficult to go in to win with certain products because of different dynamics – SWAT)

Problem solving – take initiative, here’s framework and information, go get it done – ask questions on vision and deliverables

M & A Possibilities – understand full view of company, use outside references to determine everything about a company possible – research of potential companies, thick skin if the answer is no on the M & A, internally sell (good or bad) why projects should be considered – holistic view – be able to determine the weak and strong areas based on client company checklist

Financial knowledge and background

- Do not want an Account Manager – no sales type of experience