Applied Physics Engineer

Location:  Troy, MI



OPPORTUNITY: Applied Physics Engineer

The Applied Physics Engineer will fill an essential role by helping us develop leading products that combine decorative elements in automotive interiors and exteriors with electromechanical, optical, and/or electronics functionality to fulfill increasing user needs and wants concerning connectivity, detection, ambient customization in automobiles.

Responsibilities include designing, prototyping, testing, and transitioning to manufacturing the electronic circuits, interfaces, and cable harnesses that make these products possible. This is a hands-on position which strong design skills, creative thinking, and the ability to work efficiently as a key member of a multidisciplinary team on several projects at once is essential.

This position reports to the Director of Advanced Development.
Areas of expertise:
Solid state physics and application to materials and devices
Optics engineering
Device design, integration and fabrication
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
Function in a leadership role for the projects, provide technical direction and guidance to less experienced professional staff or team of professionals.
Determine technical objectives and develop innovative, practical solutions to advanced technical engineering problems.
Be the subject matter expert in optics, electrical, electronic, sub-system integration, and physical principles behind the interactions of the electromagnetic spectrum with various classes of materials in order to tailor transmission, absorption, and/or reflection depending on the problem at hand.
Formulate plans and guide the development and implementation of engineering solution(s) including design, procurement, assembly and testing, deployment including integration, resource requirements, documentation, compliance and safety.
Plan for future applications of solutions based on new developments in engineering, design and technology innovations.
Participate in the development and expansion of new and existing business opportunities.
Apply knowledge and experience to lead the mechanical aspects of the project to completion on budget and on schedule.
Coordinate external development activities with universities, institutes, laboratories, customers, suppliers, as well as internal design, engineering, and manufacturing.
Coordinate internal development activities with the commercial, business development, design, engineering, and manufacturing functions within the organization.
An academic degree (Engineer/MSc/PhD) in electrical engineering, physics and/or electronics.
Excellent communication skills: active listening and the ability to translate internal and external customer needs/wants into problems that he/she can solve.
Experience in identifying ideas that could become a disruptive solution to common or uncommon needs.
The ability to work autonomously in an international environment, fostering creativity, team spirit and a pro-active attitude is imperative.
Knowledge and experience about passive Radio Frequency structures like antennas, microwave lenses and/or optical systems is considered a strong asset.
CAD Software for design and analysis is a plus.


Salary level is open

75-100k base level is available depending on the expertise.