The 5 Best Things You Can Say in a Job Interview

The 5 Best Things You Can Say in a Job Interview

By Hannah Hamilton
Monster Contributing Writer

Interviewing for a new job can be incredibly nerve wracking and it’s natural to feel nervous about it. But if you take a deep breath and focus on preparing to say the things recruiters want to hear, you’ll be fine.

Just take these five tips from experts.

“Let me tell you about a time that I solved that problem.”

Even if an interview question could be answered with a simple “yes” or “no,” you want to be sure to say more so you highlight the value you’d bring to the organization if you’re hired for the position.

“Always have an anecdote or story about your previous experience that relates and can give more insight into yourself on the job,” suggests David Morgan, President of IT and Engineering at Addison Group.

“Can you clarify?

Asking follow-up questions such as “does that make sense,” demonstrates to an interviewer you’re intent on communicating thoroughly and accurately, a skill most employers appreciate.

“Checking-in with the interviewer by asking him or her whether things are clear and establishing a common understanding is a good way to not only engage, but also demonstrates a certain amount of care, both of which do wonders in getting that follow-up interview,” says The Workforce Consultants Managing Director Lynda Zugec.

“I read about that project on your web site.”

When two people meet for the first time, it’s polite to ask questions and express an interest in each other. In a job interview, though, you demonstrate your interest in the company by doing research before you show up, so don’t have to ask basic questions and can move on to having an intelligent conversation about it.

“I don’t mean memorizing the About Us page on the company website. I’m talking about doing your due diligence (read: research!) and knowing the company you’re applying to,”
says Voices Human Resources Manager Jessica Campbell.

“What made you decide to work here?”

Well-thought answers to an interviewer’s questions demonstrate your knowledge, experience and communication skills. But companies also want to see you’re curious about what they do.

“One of the best things you can do at an interview is come prepared with thoughtful questions for the interviewer,” says Cheryle Palmer, owner of Call to Career. Doing so demonstrates an interest in the company and the job, and shows you did your homework before the interview.

“I’d love the chance to join this team!”

There’s a huge difference between begging for a job and expressing a genuine desire to work for a company and fill the role you’re interviewing for. Recruiters are looking for people who are excited about the company and have a real interest in their prospective role.

“If the job truly is your first choice and you would accept it if given an offer, then say it,” says Jennifer Bevan, founder of Job Coaching. “Hiring managers want to give offers to exceptional candidates who have a high likelihood of accepting the offer.”

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Location: Sterling Heights, MI

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Business Development Manager

Product Strategy (new products – market analysis – what customers, vehicles, timing…etc.) – support of individuals developing new products or processes

Global coordination – international experience preferred – sensitive to cultural differences

New Markets or Facilities – Do we go to new regions, Joint Ventures, Green Fields…etc. – who, what, why, where, when?

Projects – working with other divisions of client company to support innovation or advanced development – create synergy

Engineering background preferred – technical knowhow and business knowhow (MBA preferred but not required)

Automotive and industry experience (not consumer products, electronics…etc.)

Strong delivery

No job hoppers (unless story is provided)
Driven – but okay in position, not needing to advance at a super fast speed
Position will include international exposure and travel – could include relocation if desired

Senior Strategic Planning Analyst

Sr. Strategic Planning Analyst

Location: Troy, MI

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Strategic Planning Analyst:

Someone who is very green (data driven)

Market exposure & conditions – light vehicle, automotive – could include multiple regions

Market analysis – look at data (sources of info), analyze and provide recommendations (when looking at specific segment to target or looking at our competition), engage with internal and external customers

Competition – attract who has what and make recommendations (suggest that specific industry may be saturated with competitors, going to be difficult to go in to win with certain products because of different dynamics – SWAT)

Problem solving – take initiative, here’s framework and information, go get it done – ask questions on vision and deliverables

M & A Possibilities – understand full view of company, use outside references to determine everything about a company possible – research of potential companies, thick skin if the answer is no on the M & A, internally sell (good or bad) why projects should be considered – holistic view – be able to determine the weak and strong areas based on client company checklist

Financial knowledge and background

- Do not want an Account Manager – no sales type of experience

Key Account Manager

Business Process / Development Manager

Location: Royal Oak, MI

$90-110,000 k base plus

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The Business Development group at our client’s Global headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan is searching for a finance/strategy professional with a passion for developing a sustainable strategic direction for a global manufacturing business.

The ideal candidate will possess the skills and knowledge sought below but, of equal importance, he or she will be self motivated, possess a positive attitude, and be a creative thinker. This is a “hands-on” position that requires both strategic and tactical aptitude. This role will work across the organization, be responsible to gain support for recommended strategic direction, and likely provide the candidate the opportunity to follow projects through to implementation. The successful candidate will be comfortable working in a competitive atmosphere with all levels in the organization.

• Customer, market and competitor analysis as part of a strategic development process and in support of commercial and M&A activities
• Leadership of individual strategy implementation projects including, but not limited to, new market development activities, M&A, or new product programs
• Interface with external and internal sources to support market and competitor analysis

• Develop an understanding of competitive dynamics and participate in the strategy development process considering external influences

• Financial acumen, particularly as it relates to strategic decision making and venture related analysis
• Demonstrated results in strategic planning, business development or venture related responsibilities
• Automotive Industry experience in strategic planning or ventures activities preferred
• International experience preferred (Europe or Asia)
• Demonstrated interpersonal skills within cross functional teams and across multiple regions
• MBA in finance or related field preferred
• Willingness to relocate